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Castan et al-2021-Article Communications Earth & Environment (preview)

Sigmund et al-2021-Article Communications Earth & Environment (preview)

Hofmann et al-2020-Article Nature Food (preview)

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Reithofer, M., Chin, J. M., Young, A. J., Sami, H., Eisen, C., Rubio, G., Tepe, N., Hofmann, T., Ogris, M., & Keppler, B. (2019). Water-Soluble NHC Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles. In Book of Abstracts (pp. IL-080)

Zhang, T., Lowry, G. V., Capiro, N. L., Chen, J., Chen, W., Chen, Y., Dionysiou, D. D., Elliott, D. W., Ghoshal, S., Hofmann, T., Hsu-Kim, H., Hughes, J., Jiang, C., Jiang, G., Jing, C., Kavanaugh, M., Li, Q., Liu, S., Ma, J., ... Alvarez, P. J. J. (2019). In situ remediation of subsurface contamination: Opportunities and challenges for nanotechnology and advanced materials. Environmental Science: Nano, 6(5), 1283-1302.

Sami, H., Taschauer, A., Tepe, N., Decker, S., Cyran, N., Anton, M., Hofmann, T., Rogach, A., & Ogris, M. (2019). Nanoparticle functionalized polyplexes: efficient nucleic acid delivery platform and theranostic applications. BioNanoMed 2019 - Nanotechnology enables Personalized Medicine, Graz, Austria.