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Parsons, A., Pöppl, R., & Keesstra, S. (Accepted/In press). Connectivity concepts. In S. Keesstra (Ed.), Connectivity in Geomorphology Cambridge University Press.

Pöppl, R., Parsons, A., & Keesstra, S. (Accepted/In press). Connectivity in Geomorphology. In S. Keesstra (Ed.), Connectivity in Geomorphology Cambridge University Press.

Keesstra, S., Parsons, A., & Pöppl, R. (Accepted/In press). Measuring. In S. Keesstra (Ed.), Connectivity in Geomorphology Cambridge University Press.

Pöppl, R., Polvi-Sjöberg, L., & Turnbull-Lloyd, L. (Accepted/In press). Special issue on “(Dis)connectivity in hydro-geomorphic systems: emerging concepts and their applications”. In L. Turnbull-Lloyd (Ed.), Earth Surface Processes and Landforms


Battaglia, D., Bracken, L. J., Brovelli, A., Julia, C., Diaz Munoz, M., Fath, B., Funk, A., Guirro, M., Hein, T., Kerschner, C., Kimmich, C., Lima, V., Messe, A., Parsons, A., Perez, J. E., Pöppl, R., Prell, C., Recinos, S., Shi, Y., ... Voutsa, V. (2021). Two classes of functional connectivity in dynamical processes in networks. Journal of the Royal Society. Interface, 18(183).

Pöppl, R., Keesstra, S., & Parsons, A. (2021). Connectivity in geomorphology. EGU, General Assembly 2021, Wien, Austria.

Altzinger, B., Eibler, M., Pöppl, R., & Steinbauer, A. (2021). GEOGRAFISCH 5 (Geografie und Wirtschaftskunde für die AHS). Veritas.

Brierley, G. J., Tunnicliffe, J., Bizzi, S., Lee, F., Perry, G., Pöppl, R., & Fryirs, K. A. (2021). Quantifying Sediment (Dis)Connectivity in the Modeling of River Systems. In Treatise on Geomorphology: Methods in Geomorphology


Pöppl, R., Parsons, A., & Keesstra, S. (2020). IAG Working Group on 'Connectivity in Geomorphology': Introduction and status report.. EGU General Assembly 2020, Wien, Austria.

Pöppl, R., & Sass, O. (2020). Multi-Hazards und Kaskadeneffekte. In ExtremA 2019 - Aktueller Wissensstand zu Extremereignissen alpiner Naturgefahren in Österreich (pp. 605-620)


Wohl, E., Brierley, G., Cadol, D., Coulthard, T. J., Covino, T., Fryirs, K. A., Grant, G., Hilton, R. G., Lane, S. N., Magilligan, F. J., Meitzen, K. M., Passalacqua, P., Poeppl, R. E., Rathburn, S. L., & Sklar, L. S. (2019). Connectivity as an emergent property of geomorphic systems. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44(1), 4-26.

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