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Radio Ö1 interview with Anna Echterhölter (University of Vienna) on the Anthropocene and the new epoch in history it signifies (in German)


15 Jan 2024, 6 pm CET - Semester Question Panel Discussion with a keynote by Prof Mark Miodownik (UCL) on "The Materials of the Future"


Millions of defunct anthropogenic objects are circling through Earth's orbit - a growing risk in the global space race (article in German)

Vienna Anthropocene Network

Our Mission Statement

Research for a future we want to live inThe Anthropocene presents challenges to all academic fields. As a new geochronological epoch it redefines the human relationship to the planet in ecological terms with consequences that are also historical, social, and ethical. Bringing together the humanities and the sciences, our network comprises scholars from geology, geography, the life sciences, history, philosophy, political science, literary and cultural studies, STS, anthropology and a range of area studies. Drawing on this broad interdisciplinary base, we will explore the new perspectives on nature, culture, society, and technology that the Anthropocene urgently solicits. We furthermore aim to convey an understanding of the significance of the Anthropocene to a wider audience of policy makers, teachers, journalists and the public at large.

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