Publications by Erich Draganits

Selection of Anthropocene-related books and articles

 PD Dr. Erich Draganits

Wagreich, M., Williams, M., Dragantis, E., et al. (2019). Pre–Industrial Revolution Start Dates for the Anthropocene. In: J. Zalasiewicz, C. N. Waters, M. Williams and C. Summerhayes, eds. The Anthropocene as a geological time unit: A guide to the scientific evidence and current debate. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 246-250.

Plan, L., Stöger, T. Dragantis, E. and Gier, S. (2018). A Pleistocene landslide-dammed lake indicated by karren features (Eastern Alps, Austria). Geomorphology 321, 60-71.

Sevara, C., Verhoeven, G., Doneus, M. and Dragantis, E. (2018). Surfaces from the Visual Past: Recovering High-Resolution Terrain Data from Historic Aerial Imagery for Multitemporal Landscape Analysis. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 25, 611-642.

Wagreich, M. and Dragantis, E. (2018). Early mining and smelting lead anomalies in geological archives as potential stratigraphic markers for the base of an early Anthropocene The Anthropocene Review 5 (2): 177–201.

Zámolyi, A., Salcher, B., Dragantis, E. et al. (2017). Latest Pannonian and Quaternary evolution at the transition between Eastern Alps and Pannonian Basin: new insights from geophysical, sedimentological and geochronological data. International Journal of Earth Sciences 106, 1695-1721.