Publications by Erich Draganits

Articles and books on the Anthropocene

 PD Dr. Erich Draganits

KG Podersdorf am See, MG Podersdorf am See. / Bendeguz, Tobias; Koch Waldner, Thomas; Draganits, Erich; Musalek, Christina; Saliari, Konstantina; Skomorowski, Roman.

Fundberichte aus Österreich. Hrsg. / Bundesdenkmalamt. Band 56-2017 Wien : Ferdinand Berger & Söhne, 2019. S. 70-72 (Fundberichte aus Österreich; Band 56-2017).

Pre–Industrial Revolution start dates for the Anthropocene. / Wagreich, Michael; Williams, Mark; Draganits, Erich; Zalasiewicz, Jan A.; Waters, Colin N.; Edgeworth, Matt.

The Anthropocene as a geological time unit: A guide to the scientific evidence and current debate. Hrsg. / Jan Zalasiewicz; Colin N. Waters; Mark Williams; Colin Summerhayes. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019. S. 246-250.

Geoarchaeological evaluation of the Roman topography and accessibility by sea of ancient Osor (Cres Island, Croatia). / Draganits, Erich; Gier, Susanne; Doneus, Nives; Doneus, Michael. in: Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, Band 112, Nr. 1, 2019, S. 1-19.