VAN Publications

Selected publications by our members, organised by subject area

 Climate, Environment and Governance

Book Cover 'Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis' (2021)

Book Cover 'ExtremA' (Glade 2019)

Vadrot et al article-2021-Title

 Geosciences and the Anthropocene

Waters et al article 2022-Title page

Book Cover 'Anthropocene as a Geological Time Unit' (Zalasiewicz 2019)

Zalasiewicz et al article 2021-Title

 Humanities and the Anthropocene

Book Cover 'The Anthropocenic Turn' (2020)

Book Cover 'The Anthropocene: Key Issues for the Humanities' (2019)

Langer article-2020-Title

 Society, Politics and Education

Book Cover 'The Imperial Mode of Living' (Verso 2021)

Book Cover 'Pandemics, Politics, and Society' (De Gruyter 2021)

Book Cover 'Das Anthropozän lernen und lehren' (Studienverlag 2020)

 Sustainability, Science and Technology

Book Cover 'Exploring Science Communication' (Sage 2020)

Hofmann et al-Article-2020-Technology Readiness

Larsen et al-Article-2021-Thawing Permafrost