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Waters, C. N., Williams, M., Zalasiewicz, J., Turner, S. D., Barnosky, A. D., Head, M. J., Wing, S. L., Wagreich, M., Steffen, W., Summerhayes, C. P., Cundy, A. B., Zinke, J., Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł, B., Leinfelder, R., Haff, P. K., McNeill, J. R., Rose, N. L., Hajdas, I., McCarthy, F. M. G., ... Jeandel, C. (2022). Epochs, events and episodes: Marking the geological impact of humans. Earth-Science Reviews, 234, [104171].

Head, M. J., Zalasiewicz, J. A., Waters, C. N., Turner, S. D., Williams, M., Barnosky, A. D., Steffen, W., Wagreich, M., Haff, P. K., Syvitski, J., Leinfelder, R., Mccarthy, F. M. G., Rose, N. L., Wing, S. L., An, Z., Cearreta, A., Cundy, A. B., Fairchild, I. J., Han, Y., ... Summerhayes, C. P. (2022). The proposed Anthropocene Epoch/Series is underpinned by an extensive array of mid-20(th) century stratigraphic event signals. Journal of Quaternary Science, 37(7), 1181-1187.

Fathy, D., Wagreich, M., & Sami, M. (2022). Geochemical Evidence for Photic Zone Euxinia During Greenhouse Climate in the Tethys Sea, Egypt. In Advances in Geophysics, Tectonics and Petroleum Geosciences. CAJG 2019 (pp. 373-374). Springer. Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation


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