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Knierzinger, W., Festi, D., Limbeck, A., Horak, F., Brunnbauer, L., Drollinger, S., Wagreich, M., Huang, J-J. S., Strasser, M., Knorr, K-H., Reschreiter, H., Gier, S., Kofler, W., Herzig, C., & Kowarik, K. (2021). Multi-proxy analyses of a minerotrophic fen to reconstruct prehistoric periods of human activity associated with salt mining in the Hallstatt region (Austria). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 36, 1-13.

Knierzinger, W., Huang, J-J. S., Strasser, M., Knorr, K-H., Drescher-Schneider, R., & Wagreich, M. (2021). Late Holocene periods of copper mining in the Eisenerz Alps (Austria) deduced from calcareous lake deposits. Anthropocene, 33(1), 1-14. [100273].

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