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Tolochko-Vadrot-2021-Article Selective World-Building (preview)

Vadrot et al-2021-Article Who owns marine biodiversity? (preview)

Book Cover 'Global Environmental Politics' (2018)

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Hughes, H., Vadrot, A., Allan, J. I., Bach, T., Bansard, J. S., Chasek, P., Gray, N., Langlet, A., Leiter, T., Suiseeya, K. R. M., Martin, B., Paterson, M., Ruiz Rodriguez, S. C., Tessnow-von Wysocki, I., Tolis, V., Thew, H., Vecchione Goncalves, M., & Yamineva, Y. (2021). Global environmental agreement-making: Upping the methodological and ethical stakes of studying negotiations. Earth System Governance, 10, [100121].


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Vadrot, A. (2020). Ocean Protection. In J-F. Morin, & A. Orsini (Eds.), Essentials Concepts of Global Environmental Governance (2 ed.). Routledge.



Vadrot, A. B. M. (2018). Endangered Species, Biodiversity and the Politics of Conservation. In G. Kütting, & K. Herman (Eds.), Global Environmental Politics: Concepts, Theories and Case Studies [11] Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Rose, D. C., Sutherland, W. J., Amano, T., González-Varo, J. P., Robertson, R. J., Simmons, B. I., Wauchope, H. S., Kovacs, E., Durán, A. P., Vadrot, A. B. M., Wu, W., Dias, M. P., Di Fonzo, M. M. I., Ivory, S., Norris, L., Nunes, M. H., Nyumba, T. O., Steiner, N., Vickery, J., & Mukherjee, N. (2018). The major barriers to evidence-informed conservation policy and possible solutions. Conservation Letters, [e12564].



Vadrot, A. B. M., Jetzkowitz, J., & Stringer, L. C. (2016). IPBES disciplinary gaps still gaping. Nature, 530(7589), 160-160.

Vadrot, A. B. M. (2016). The Birth of a Science-policy Interface for Biodiversity: The History of IPBES . In M. Hrabanski, & D. Pesche (Eds.), The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) (pp. 41-77). Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

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