Publications by Marta Luciani

Selection of Anthropocene-related books and articles

 Assoc. Prof. Mag. Dr. Marta Luciani

Prochazka, S., Luciani, M. and Lüthgens, C. (2020). Determining parameters and chronology of a sustainable water harvest system in desert oases; case study Qurayyah, northwest Arabian Peninsula. EGU General Assembly 2020 (Online, 4-8 May, EGU2020-10575).

Hüneburg L., Hoelzmann, P., Knitter, D. et al. (2019). Living at the wadi – integrating geomorphology and archaeology at the oasis of Qurayyah (NW Arabia). Journal of Maps 15 (2): 215-226.

Luciani, M., Binder, M., and Alsaud, A. S. (2018). Life and living conditions in NW Arabia during the Bronze Age. First results from the bioarchaeological work at Qurayyah. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 48, 185-200.