Publications by Peter Schweitzer

Selection of Anthropocene-related books and articles

 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Schweitzer

Selected Publications

Schweitzer, P. (2020). Remote Connections: Human Entanglements with Built and Natural Environments in the Arctic and Elsewhere. In: A. Gingrich, ed. Anthropology in Motion: Encounters with Current Trajectories of Scholarship from Austria. Canon Pyon: Sean Kingston.

Schweitzer, P., Gartler, S. and Kuklina, V. (2020). Sustainable Cultures and Cultural Sustainability. In: A. Petrov and J. K. Graybill, eds. Arctic Sustainability: Key Methodologies and Knowledge Domains, A Synthesis of Knowledge. London: Routledge.

Schweitzer, P. and Povoroznyuk, O. (2019). A Right to Remoteness? A Missing Bridge and Articulations of Indigeneity along an East Sibirian Railroad. Social Anthropology 27(2): 236-252.

Schweitzer, P., Stammler, F., Ebsen, C., Ivanova, A. and Litvina, I. (2019). Social Impacts of Non-Renewable Resource Development on Indigenous Communities in Alaska, Greenland, and Russia. In: C. Southcott, F. Abele, D. Natcher, and B. Parlee, eds. Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic. London: Routledge, 42-64.

Petrov, A. N., BurnSilver, S., Chapin III, F. S., Fondahl, G., Graybill, J., Keil, K., Nilsson, A. E., Riedlsperger, R. and Schweitzer, P. (2017). Arctic Sustainability Research: Past, Present and Future. London: Routledge.

Schweitzer, P., Povoroznyuk O. and Schiesser, S. (2017). Beyond Wilderness: Towards an Anthropology of Infrastructure and the Built Environment in the Russian North. The Polar Journal 7(1): 58-85.

Schweitzer, P. (2017). Polar Anthropology, or Why We Need to Study More than Humans in Order to Understand People. The Polar Journal 7(1): 1-8.

Saxinger, G., Schweitzer, P. and Donecker, S. eds. (2017). Arktis und Subarktis. Geschichte, Kultur, Gesellschaft. Wien: New Academic Press.

Marino, E, and Schweitzer, P. (2016). Speaking Again of Climate Change: An Analysis of Climate Change Discourses in Northwestern Alaska. In: S. A. Crate and M. Nuttall, eds. Anthropology and Climate Change: From Actions to Transformations (2nd ed). New York: Routledge, 200-209.