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Hagos Ghidey, M., Koeberl, C., Kabeto, K., & Koller, F. (2011). Geology, Petrology, and Geochemistry of the Basaltic Rocks of the Axum Area, Northern Ethiopia: Topics in Igneous Petrology. In J. Ray, G. Sen, & B. Ghosh (Eds.), Topics in Igneous Petrology (pp. 69-93). Springer Netherlands.

Melles, M., Brigham-Grette, J., Minyuk, P., Koeberl, C., Andreev, A., Cook, T., Fedorov, G., Gebhardt, C., Haltia-Hovi, E., Kukkonen, M., Nowaczyk, N., Schwamborn, G., & Wennrich, V. (2011). The Lake El'gygytgyn scientific drilling project - conquering Arctic challenges through continental drilling. Scientific Drilling Journal, 11(1), 29-40.

Pinter, N., Scott, A. C., Daulton, T. L., Podoll, A., Köberl, C., Anderson, R. S., & Ishman, S. E. (2011). The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis: A requiem. Earth-Science Reviews, 106(3-4), 247-264.


Ferriere, L., Köberl, C., Libowitzky, E., Reimold, W. U., Greshake, A., & Brandstätter, F. (2010). Ballen quartz and cristobalite in impactites: New investigations. In R. L. Gibson (Ed.), Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution IV (Vol. 465, pp. 609-618). Geological Society of America. Geological Society of America. Special Papers