Publications by Ronald Pöppl

Selection of Anthropocene-related books and articles

 Mag. Dr. Ronald Pöppl, BA

Poeppl, R., Fryirs, K. A., Tunnicliffe, J. and Brierley, G.J. (2020). Managing sediment (dis)connectivity in fluvial systems. Science of the Total Environment 736.

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Luetzenburg, G., Bittner, M., Calsamiglia, A., Estrany, J. and Pöppl, R. (2019). Climate and land use change effects on soil erosion in two small agricultural catchment systems: Fugnitz - Austria, Can Revull - Spain. Science of the Total Environment 704, 135389.

Poeppl R., Coulthard T., Keesstra S. D. and Keiler M. (2019). Modeling the impact of dam removal on channel evolution and sediment delivery in a multiple dam setting. International Journal of Sediment Research 34 (6), 537-549.

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