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 Mag. Dr. Ronald Pöppl, BA

Connectivity and complex systems: learning from a multi-disciplinary perspective Laura Turnbull1* , Marc-Thorsten Hütt2, Andreas A. Ioannides3, Stuart Kininmonth4,5, Ronald Poeppl6, Klement Tockner7,8,9, Louise J. Bracken1, Saskia Keesstra10, Lichan Liu3, Rens Masselink10 and Anthony J. Parsons11 Turnbull et al. Applied Network Science (2018) 3:11

Combining Soil Erosion Modeling with Connectivity Analyses to Assess Lateral Fine Sediment Input into Agricultural Streams Ronald E. Poeppl 1,*, Lina A. Dilly 2, Stefan Haselberger 1, Chris S. Renschler 1,3 and Jantiene E.M. Baartman 2 Water 2019, 11, 1793; doi:10.3390/w11091793

Poeppl R.E., Coulthard T., Keesstra S.D. & Keiler M., Modeling the impact of dam removal on channel evolution and sediment delivery in a multiple dam setting, International Journal of Sediment Research,