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Pöppl, R., Kraushaar, S., Strauss, P., & Fuchs, M. (2016). Human impact on the geomorphic evolution of the HOAL catchment, Lower Austria. Paper presented at EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Pöppl, R., Morche, D., & Schuchardt, A. (2016). THE EFFECTS OF LARGE LOG JAMS ON LONGITUDINAL SEDIMENT CONNECTIVITY – EXAMPLES FROM TWO SMALL STREAMS IN AUSTRIA AND GERMANY. Paper presented at State of geomorphological research in 2016, Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Pöppl, R. (2016). Veränderungen des Erdreliefs durch menschliche Aktivität und die Rolle der Konnektivität. Paper presented at Geographie-Werkstatt Österreich, Salzburg, Austria.


Pöppl, R. (2015). Anthropogeomorphologie - Erdrelief Menschenhand und die Rolle der Konnektivität.. Deutscher Kongress für Geographie DKG 2015, Berlin, Germany.

Pöppl, R., Coulthard, T., Keesstra, S., & Keiler, M. (2015). Modelling the impact of dam removal on geomorphic channel response and sediment delivery: an Austrian case study.. European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2015, Wien, Austria.


Keesstra, S., & Pöppl, R. (2014). Are discharge-sediment relationship analyses a suitable tool to determine catchment connectivity?. ELS, Nova Yardinia, Castellaneta Marina (TA), Italy, United Kingdom.

Pöppl, R., & Keesstra, S. (2014). The geomorphic legacy of dams – an Austrian case study. European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Austria.


Pöppl, R., Keesstra, S., Keiler, M., Coulthard, T., & Glade, T. (2013). Impact of dams, dam removal and dam-related river engineering structures on sediment connectivity and channel morphology of the Fugnitz and the Kaja Rivers. In S. Nationalparkfonds (Ed.), Conference volume: 5th Symposium for Research in Protected Areas, 10 to 12 June 2013, Mitersill (pp. 607-614).

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