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Pöppl, R., Parsons, A., & Keesstra, S. (2020). IAG Working Group on 'Connectivity in Geomorphology': Introduction and status report.. EGU General Assembly 2020, Wien, Austria.

Pöppl, R., & Sass, O. (2020). Multi-Hazards und Kaskadeneffekte. In ExtremA 2019 - Aktueller Wissensstand zu Extremereignissen alpiner Naturgefahren in Österreich (pp. 605-620)


Wohl, E., Brierley, G., Cadol, D., Coulthard, T. J., Covino, T., Fryirs, K. A., Grant, G., Hilton, R. G., Lane, S. N., Magilligan, F. J., Meitzen, K. M., Passalacqua, P., Poeppl, R. E., Rathburn, S. L., & Sklar, L. S. (2019). Connectivity as an emergent property of geomorphic systems. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44(1), 4-26.

Pöppl, R., Dilly, L., Haselberger, S., Renschler, C., & Baartman, J. (2019). Combining soil erosion modelling with connectivity analyses to assess lateral fine sediment input into agricultural streams. European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019 , Vienna, Austria.

Pöppl, R., Aydin, E., Kaletova, T., Benkova, A., Humer, L., & Cimo, J. (2019). Effects of initial soil moisture conditions on surface runoff and erosion rates - an experimental approach.. ENVIRO, Slovakia.

Pöppl, R., von Elverfeldt, K., Marlovits, N., & Otto, J-C. (2019). – Aktivitäten 2019 – Ein Kurzbericht mit Ausblick auf 2020. Geographie Aktuell, 42(IV), 3.

Lützenburg, G., Humer, L., Eberhard, G., Calsamiglia, A., Estrany, J., Renschler, C., & Pöppl, R. (2019). Modelling the effects of climate and land use change on soil erosion and sediment yield in two small agricultural catchment systems (Fugnitz - Austria, Can Revull - Spain). European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019 , Vienna, Austria.


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