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LANGUAGE of the Anthropocene: Kick-Off Meeting


18-19 Oct 2021 - Initial meeting of the UNESCO Project IGCP 732 "LANGUAGE of the Anthropocene" (organised by the University of Vienna)

The Anthropocene establishes a powerful concept, and with it comes unprecedented global change. Both recognising and managing this novel situation in a sustainable way requires a network and accompanying knowledge framework. Here we propose to engage new ideas and networks in the development of the Anthropocene concept by cooperating globally with scientists, especially those in developing and less developed countries, with the core aim to establish the Anthropocene as a fertile framework for future science.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Developing a network of expertise and project partners globally
  2. Designing and running workshops in developing countries
  3. Designing and collating an open database of existing information and expertise on the Anthropocene

Project led by VAN co-founder Michael Wagreich, together with co-principal investigators Mehwish Bibi (Pakistan), Barbara Fialkiewicz-Koziel (Poland), Juliana Ivar do Sul (Brazil), Lydia Olaka (Kenia), Catherine Russell (UK), Maria Luisa Garcia Tejada (Japan) and Luyuan Zhang (China).