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Geologist Michael Wagreich and literary scholar Eva Horn comment on debates about the Anthropocene in Forum+ on (in German)


Right on cue of the AWG's newest study, co-authored by Eva Horn and Michael Wagreich, Jan Zalasiewicz will discuss defining the Anthropocene.


Eva Horn answers questions about her book on the Anthropocene in the context of the university's current semester question (in German)


The Vienna Anthropocene Network is now official project partner of Climate Walk - an inspiring and ambitious project organised by the Wanderers of...


Geologist Michael Wagreich discusses the symbolic power of the Anthropocene and scientific evidence for the "age of humans" (in German)


The age of humans – the so-called Anthropocene – is confronting us with major questions about the future: What about global warming? What are the...

Featured Videos

 Locating Plants Workshop

Introduction by Isabel Kranz to our workshop "Locating Plants: Philosophy and Literature"

10 June 2021

Featuring talks by Heather I. Sullivan, Emanuele Coccia and Michael Marder

You can find the recorded presentations here.

 Records of Loss

Videofilm by Axel Braun

Created on behalf of the Vienna Anthropocene Network and shown at the panel discussion "Vanishing Ice" in January 2020.

The film traces the history of Austria's largest glacier, Pasterze, contraposing past and present images to record the loss of glacial landscapes over time.

Poster for the

Postponed Event

Urban Anthropocene Workshop

Please note that our "Urban Anthropocene" workshop, originally scheduled for autumn 2020, had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to welcome you in person as soon as this is possible again or to organise the workshop as a hybrid event instead.

Many thanks to everyone who has expressed their interest in participating so far, we will keep you posted and look forward to meeting you all eventually.

Check this space for news about the workshop or join our VAN mailing list which keeps you up to date about our activities and events.